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Thursday, April 23, 2009
There are a wide variety of scuba diving vacations to suit each personality and provide memories to last a lifetime. The first step to planning a scuba diving vacation is to get your scuba certification. Having your scuba certification is necessary before you can rent equipment or go on a scuba dive adventure. There are two certification courses that are popular today. The first is PADI scuba certification, which is good for vacationers who want a less extensive training. The other is NAUI scuba certification, which is a little more involved and advanced.

The second step in planning your scuba diving vacation is deciding weather you will rent or buy your scuba equipment. Many diving vacationers prefer to rent their equipment. This is much more affordable and makes your trip easier to pack for. On the other hand, purchasing your equipment will ensure that you will have scuba equipment that fits your needs. Many divers who rent their equipment purchase their own regulator and mask, as these items tend to vary making it difficult to find the right one.

Now it is time to decide where you would like to take your Scuba diving vacation. Scuba diving experiences vary widely depending on where you go. Some of the top scuba diving vacation destinations include Mexico, the South Pacific, Belize, Hawaii and Thailand. At the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, you will see a large variety of coral. On the other hand, a scuba diving vacation to Hawaii will give you the chance to view sea turtles, whales and sharks. Deciding where to go is a personal choice depending on which underwater world you are interested in seeing.

Scuba diving vacations are extremely rewarding. The adventure you will have will inspire and rejuvenate you for years to come. Whether you choose to buy your equipment and visit Thailand or rent your equipment in Mexico, you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. Just don’t forget an underwater camera!

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