Pangkor Island

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pangkor Island / Pulau Pangkor

Pangkor Island / Pulau Pangkor

Situated just off the west coast of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia is one of the most enchanting islands you'll ever come across. Pangkor has for centuries enthralled visitors with her charming beauty. In days of old, she was the refuge of seamen who sailed through the Straits of Malacca. Pangkor's many idyllic bays made it the perfect stopover. Pirates, adventurers, merchants and soldiers of fortune sought the peace and tranquility she had to offer.

Pangkor Island / Pulau Pangkor

In stark contrast to malaysia's fast-paced progress, Pangkor remains a haven for those seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Soak up the sun on her golden beaches. Catch sight of fishing boats

Pangkor Island / Pulau Pangkor

Remembering Pangkor's past...
For centuries, Pangkor has been a welcome stopover for weary sea travellers, pirates and adventurers. At one time even ruled by European conquerors. Yet, as if oblivious to the ravages of war and conquest, her natural wonders have remained unscarred. Perhaps to conquer your heart.

Pangkor today is a thriving tourist destination that somehow does not reflect her turbulent past. Visitors will be charmed by the serenity of her fishing villages, her small but bustling towns and her splendid selection of world-class holiday resorts.

Pangkor Island / Pulau Pangkor

Treasures of the island
Nothing beats the wonderful offerings of Pangkor's pristine beaches. And after you're had enough of the beach, retreat into the coll shades of virgin jungles for a closer look at nature. There's so much to do in Pangkor, so come discover at your own pace.

Pangkor Island - Getting There

(1) To Lumut Town
Lumut and Pangkor are accessible by various highways either from Penang, lpoh or Kuala Lumpur.

Regular Bus/Coach Services are easily available from Pudu Raya in Kuala Lumpur; Medan Kidd, lpoh and Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim (Jetty) in Butterworth.

Taxi services are also easily available to lpoh from the major towns and cities in Peninsular Malaysia where you can board local buses or taxis to Lumut Town.

Pangkor and Lumut are accessible by air from Kuala Lumpur with the construction of a modern air strip on Pulau Pangkor.

(2)To Pangkor Island
Lumut town offers regular ferry services to Pangkor Island at just RM4.00 per person. Once on Pangkor, you can take a bus, taxi or even hire a motorbike to reach your favourite destination.

Contact Information:
Pangkor Lumut Ekspres Feri Sdn. Bhd.
83, Batu 1/2, Jalan Lumut,
32000 Sitiawan. Perak
Telephone: 605-6914102, 605-6916753, Fax: 605-6910416
Contact Person: Mr. Wong Yew Ping (Manager)
Description: Passengers Ferry Services, Ferry Chartered Services, Sunset & Sunrise Cruise, Leisure Cruise and Island Tour.

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