All Inclusive Scuba Diving Vacations

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Scuba diving vacations are a great escape from the everyday world. However, there are lots of options to choose from and they can get very expensive.

You can book each portion of the trip separately, you can purchase a vacation package, you can stay on a liveaboard, stay at an all inclusive or any variation of these options.

However, there are ways to reduce the cost of that long-awaited vacation. In this article we are going to explore a stay at an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean that includes scuba diving.

They can be a great money saver but there are some pros and cons to consider with this option.


* Don't have to worry about money while you are there

* Usually cheaper than purchasing everything separately

* Stress free: No decisions to make about where to go for drinks, dinner or diving

* Usually a party atmosphere (can be a con too)

* Security

* Activities and entertainment are included (sometimes diving is included also)


* Usually big resorts; grounds and dive boats can be crowded (ever have to go out at 6 am to reserve a lounge on the beach?)

* No incentive to leave the resort and experience the local culture

* Have unexpected expense of going out if you don't like the food and/or drink

* Service is sometimes lacking since tips are already included (we always tip anyway, even if the policy is supposedly not to

* Not all islands have all inclusives, so island choice is limited

You just have to decide what is most important for you. For instance, if you like smaller resorts and small dive groups, than an all inclusive resort may not be for you.

Most all inclusives include non-motorized water sports in the package. However, while most resorts offer scuba diving, you usually have to pay extra for it. If the resort does offer scuba diving in the price, you can save a significant amount of money.

If you pay for your diving at the resort, my experience has been that prices are pretty much market prices. If you do multiple dives you can usually get a discount, but that is typically the case for non-resort dive shops too.

If there are a few divers, you can usually negotiate a better price. Many places we have been allow you to purchase a dive package (say 15 dives) and split the dives among the different divers. It has always worked out well and we saved a fair amount of money.

Popular All Inclusive Destinations

Probably the most popular places (or at least those with the most resort choices) for an all inclusive Caribbean scuba diving vacation are the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, including the ever popular Cozumel. In my opinion, Cozumel is the hands down winner as far as diving.

High End/Low End

There is an all inclusive resort to fit every budget. You just have to decide what you want. What's more important to you? Would you rather have gourmet food and premium drinks or would you be happy with lower end offerings and more money in your wallet? The answer can be different for each trip.

No matter where you go and which level of service you choose, it is hard not to have a good time. So pick a place, pack your scuba gear and get going!

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