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Friday, May 01, 2009
Thailand and the Andaman Sea with it's Similan islands counts among the top 10 diving destinations in the world and the rest of Thailand has lots of unforgettable dive sites.

The south west monsoon affects the Andaman Sea side of Thailand from June through October, while the Gulf of Thailand is relatively protected. During the October through April season, the north west monsoon partly affects the Gulf of Thailand. Because of this, Thailand's dive seasons on each coast are varied.

Average daily air temperature during the year: 25-32°C.
Average Water temperature: 26-29°C.
"Coldest" time: November to February
Warmest time: mid March to late May

Best Times for diving:
West coast and Similan islands:
Possible to dive almost all year round
Best time to dive: mid-November until late-April. March and April is time for whalesharks and mantas.
Worst time to dive: May to October

The Gulf of Thailand east part (Pattaya and Koh Chang area):
Possible to dive all year round
Best time to dive: All year diving season but the visibility is best from mid-November through March.

Gulf of Thailand West part (Koh Phangan koh Samui area):

Best time to dive: From February through May.
Worst time to dive: This area can be affected by both monsoons from October through April

Diving highlights:
The Similan Islands are since many years a marine park! There are no constructions or infrastucture on the islands. For this reason the reefs are still very intact and the marine life is very abundant. In March the high concentration of plankton attracts whale sharks and mantas around the island and the Thai coast. The situation out in the Indian Ocean gives perfect diving and it's best to dive from a liveaboard boat. For the one who prefers to dive on a daily boat it is possible to start from Khao Lak on a daily basis.
I just wrote a few highlights but you can find more in the regional pages or in the dive centers and liveaboard websites.

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