How to Become a professional Scuba Diver

Friday, May 29, 2009

Learn to distinguish the correct pathway to becoming a Professional Scuba Instructor


Step 1 - 5 Star IDC Center

Ever since the beginning of time man has wanted to explore the undersea world, not until the 1940s with the invention of Jacques Cousteau Aqua Lung were average men able to enjoy the vastness under the sea. In the past 60 years Scuba has been transformed in the safe and enjoyable sport that it is today. With an industry that boasts over a million new certifications each year there is a need for exceptionally qualified Instructors to meet that demand.

Step 2 - Classroom Facilities

Once you have decided to join this exciting yet competitive industry, the first step is to ensure your basic,advanced and instructor training is the absolute best possible, there are a number of ways which you can obtain your Instructor Certification. The longest and most expensive way is to simply find a local dive center who is certified to conduct your training, the disadvantages to the local dive shop (LDS) route is the length of time it takes to obtain your certifications. This is due in part to the schedules most LDS maintain in where they only dive on the weekends. In addition this route tends to be much more expensive as you pay for each dive, rental of gear, materials and are subject to rigid schedules.

Step 3 - Course Training

With the increase in demand of qualified instructors a new more modern approach to Dive Instructor Training was created, this is the Instructor Development Center (IDC). In actuality they are Dive Centers who mostly cater to Dive Instruction, here is where you as the prospective student must be more vigilant in choosing the correct center. With the advent of the IDC Center many small dive centers simply applied and received the rating. While now officially IDC centers the practices and resources were that of the small dive center. A true IDC center will have a college or university feel to it with Modern classrooms, multi-media centers, residences and the resources to properly train you. An IDC center must be able to not only maintain a traditional dive center and the school but must merge them in such a way that one does not interfere with the other. As part of the training requires students to assist in actual dives, there must be sufficient space on the boat and sufficient clients to allow students to attend the dives and not be left behind due to inadequate space on-board.

Step 4 - Graduation

Within the past few years a number of these IDC centers have come into being in exotic locations such as Mexico and the Caribbean. These IDC centers are able to offer you many more amenities and training options. Such as unlimited diving, equipment with your tuition, housing with maid service, laundry services and many others. Currently the most successful and professional IDC Center is Neptune's Dive College which has certified more Scuba Instructors in Mexico than any one else. With its innovative Internship Programs they are offering a modern approach to dive training. A review of their facilities leaves you wondering exactly where is the dive shop as the facilities resemble more the modern college than a dive shop. Their internship has been awarded various recognitions and the curriculum is eligible for college credit in the United States, UK and New Zealand. In addition the Dive College has an affiliation with a 5 star hotel in Manzanillo Mexico, and offers Resort Management training. By attending an IDC center such as Neptune's Dive College you will be able to dive each and every day. Obtain all the training, equipment and materials you need to enter the job market and all at a fraction of the cost if you were to do it the traditional manner. For more information contact

Tips & Warnings

  • Research your training options
  • Opt for the IDC centers
  • Contact your choices
  • Contact past students
  • Ensure the graduation rate is high
  • Find IDC center with Employment assistance.
  • Ensure your tuition is all inclusive
  • Beware of the bait and switch,
  • Ensure agency fees are included
  • What is the refund policy

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